The Making of Axel From Kingdom Hearts

Now why exactly did I choose to Axel exactly? Well, as above I really like the cocky yet teddy bear-like nature on the inside characters. Plus in a way I kinda kin Axel. For those who aren’t familar with the term, it means I relate to the character in a way. I don’t exatly know what makes me feel like I can relate but you just have this feeling that within their actons, you can find some kind of charactersitic trait or feeling that draws you to them.

I also highly enjoyed getting into Axel’s character while cosplaying him. Just falling into a cockier, laid back, and nonchalant yet calculating personality was like heaving a weight off of me. I’ve always had a bit of a self confidence issue so its always refreshing to cosplay a highly self confident character.

“Got it memorized?”

But, who exactly is Axel?

Organization Thirteen’s eighth member also known as The Flurry of Dancing Flames. Probably one of my favorite characters in the whole Kingdom Hearts videogame series. Thus, probably the main reason why I chose to cosplay this cocky but totally heartwarming and endearing character. I’ve always gravitated to the more cocky and sarcastic characters. They just seem more fun to embody so-to-speak. So thus, the journey to cosplay Axel began!

The Chakrams

Ah yes, the chakrams. These things were probably my biggest prop project so far. It took me about five months to make! And two different tries to get it right eh heh. And I still might re-do them… But the build definitely was worth it. I unfortunately didn’t take any photos but at least I have the videos! And if you wanna learn how to make your own chakrams, click the link at the end of this page!