The Making of Dr. Faciler

A Disney villain a lot of us love to hate. He’s the voodoo master of Louisiana and the one who killed Ray. Dr. Facilier. The one and only villain of one of my personal favorite Disney movies: Princess and the Frog.

I chose to cosplay this conniving and dark character because well, it’s the same reason I cosplay a lot of villian: They’re a hell of a lot of fun. The different personalities every one of them bring makes it that much more satisfying to bring them to life. Dr. Facilier included.

From top to bottom the cosplay was fun to make. The shirt, pants and jacket were all clothes I found in my closet. Now, the cane and the hat–I made myself. It was a lot of fun too. The cool thing about the hat in my opinion was the fact that I was able to make it in three days. Yep, you heard it right. I was on a bit of a time crunch with my photoshoot so I pushed myself to my limits and created it in just three days time.

Another thing I’m happy that went well was the cane. When I very first made my Dr. Faciler cosplay I made it out of bendy foam clay and a Styrofoam top. It wasn’t the best but it got the job done. This time though with more prop making experience I created it with a wooden pole and a polymer clay top. It made it look so much better and it was a lot more satisfying to make. It just goes t show what a little practice and a lot of hard work can get you!

If you guys want to know how to make the hat, go on over to my How to article here and learn how!