The Making of Envy

A homunculi fascinated with manipulating humans and causing death and destruction. But the kicker? He’s jealous of humans ability to connect with each other and band together in hard times regardless of any past arguments or spats. He’s a shapeshifting narcissist and yet, millions of Fullmetal Alchemist fans love him. Everyone loves a good villain am I right?

Now, why exactly did I decided to cosplay this crazy little palm tree?

It’s simple really, cosplaying villains’ are fun. There’s really not much to it. He is one of my favorite characters in the anime and I’m fascinated with his whole character. He’s not just manipulative and evil and that’s just it. He’s a character that has so many different levels to him. They made him complex. Plus, it was always hilarious to see the back and forth between him and Ed.

But what was my process/journey to make a cosplay of this manipulative palm tree? Well, it involved measuring and cutting the turtle neck crop top–which started out as a stretchy black turtle neck. Then I simply used the cut arms to make the wrist bands and get this, the bottom half I sewed and made the head band. it was pretty easy really. I wish I had pictures to show the process. But! Here are a few shoot pictures to show how it all turned out! I have to admit this has been one of my favorite cosplays to date.